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Gifting You a New Pulse

December 26, 2011




Just in time for the holidays, we bring to you a brand new update that will make your Pulse experience more enjoyable with improved discoverability.

Completely Redesigned Catalog: The old tabs are gone and have been replaced by a beautiful cover flow that allows you to browse your favorite category by swiping left and right. We have also introduced an omnipresent “Search” button – which makes it super easy to search for anything that’s on your mind.


Introducing Smart Dock: New feature that learns from your reading patterns and recommends other sources that you may enjoy reading. The more you read, the smarter the dock gets.

Sync across devices: Your subscriptions now stay with you, no matter where you are and what device you carry. Create a Pulse account to keep the content with you, everywhere!

The new update is live on iPhone, iPad and Android. Let us know how you like it!


The Pulse Team

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