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My Pursuit of the Right Path

March 17, 2011

Girl on Pathway by PhotographyArtPrints

Life isn’t a simple straight-forward path. There are curves, side journeys and sometimes even u-turns. Many times in my life I’ve put myself on a particular path and thought, This is it –this is the path I belong on! And I’ve talked it up and pushed myself to reach success on that path. I’ve convinced family and friends to support me.

But then I hit this point where I realize I’m not happy. I’m stressed and burnt out. That path I was so excited for and poured my energy into might not be the right one. I’m feeling less and less excited. But knowing that all ventures require hard work, I keep pushing. And I push until I break down completely. Then I’m sitting there wondering, Should I quit this path? Is forcing myself along this path killing my happiness and creativity? Then, Maybe I just need a break?

So I take a break and re-evaluate. After some time away, just sitting next to the path and forgetting about it for a little while, I can look again and choose to get back on that path or start trailblazing another direction.

When do you know it’s time to take a new path?

As some of you may already know, I’m working on creating a new path for myself now.  I’m starting a new business, Margie’s Mark.  I’m still going to make paper goods (I really love paper too much to do anything else!), but I’m planning to focus on party invitations.  You’ll be hearing much more as it progresses.

Who knows if this is the right route for me?  What I do know is it feels authentic, so I’m going for it!

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