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Embrace your own style

May 26, 2010

Just read on scoutiegirl:
“Yesterday, I wrote a mini manifesto on living a creative life. I’m glad it resonated with many of you. But I wanted to address a couple of comments that left me a little sideways.

A couple people related that they felt uncomfortable in their affluent communities while living a simple, creative life. Their handmade clothes and thrifted duds didn’t meet the label requirement for their neighborhood. I get that, I really do. When everyone thinks that “well off” is one thing and creative is another, it’s hard to be that “other.”

I have an opinion on this. Would you like me to share? Oh good, cause I’m gonna.

It’s cooler to look creative.”
Read the rest here:

Here’s my take:
Growing up most of my and my sister’s clothes were made by my grandma and mom. I was the only girl who wore a skirt everyday to kindergarten. I used to dream of having the same clothes as other kids –wishing for jeans and t-shirts bought in a store. I used to think our clothing made us strange, but now I know it made us unique. I wish I had embraced it then!

I think I finally realized how lucky I was to have a seamstress for a grandmother my junior year of high school. My grandmother made me a beautiful royal blue dress for Homecoming. It was made to fit me perfectly and the color was just the right shade on me. I knew I could go to the dance and no one else would have the same dress. I remember other girls being upset when they arrived at the dance to find another girl in the exact same dress. I danced that night, knowing I stood out in a good way, and had a great time.

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  1. June 1, 2010 8:36 pm

    Brilliant post and link. I am hooked! I thought I was the only one who wore all hand-made clothes (by my mom) when i was growing up. If only she would have taught me how to sew for real back then!

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